Come to our Center

to return to your center,

where you know joy.

Center of Joy
Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

A place where you can create

We hold a high-vibrational events space and provide a cornucopia of classes and experiences to the local community and visitors to Las Catalinas.

Ongoing community offerings

Center of Joy was created so people can come together for inspiration and be part of a community that embodies joy and wellbeing.


Weekly Class Offerings

Wellness Treatments

Why Costa Rica Is So Magical?


It’s worth scheduling extra time to explore nearby activities.

Las Catalinas is a small resort town on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Walk the brick and cobbled paths threading through Mediterranean style archways, plazas, and fountains. In one direction is 25 miles of trails that beckon hikers and mountain bikers, in the other, a scallop of beach yawns as the salty waves wrap you in nature’s sound bath.