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Center of Joy
Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

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Center of Joy is a place for wellbeing.
We hold a high vibrational event space and provide conscious wellness experiences to the local community and visitors to Las Catalinas so that we can come together for healing, realization and transformation that leads to greater embodiment of Joy.

Center of Joy Las Catalinas Costa Rica

Classes and Treatments

Center of Joy Yoga

Center of Joy offers an array of classes and one-on-one treatments that span several healing modalities to restore mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to find your own bit of Zen.

Holistic Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Red Light Therapy

Ayurvedic Consultations coming soon...

Every fire starts with a spark.
Holistic Treatments Center of Joy Wellness Center Costa Rica

Venue Rentals & Event Hosting

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Have your next retreat, workshops seminar or gathering in Las Catalinas at the Center of Joy.

Sound Bath in Guanacaste

Las Catalinas

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Las Catalinas is a small resort town on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. There are no cars. No chain stores. Only brick and cobbled paths threading through Mediterranean style archways, plazas, and fountains. In one direction is 25 miles of trails that beckon hikers and mountain bikers, in the other, a scallop of beach yawns as the salty waves wrap you in nature's sound bath.

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A visit to Center of Joy is not like that five-star meal you can never recreate or that amazing vacation that lives now only on Instagram. We teach you how to integrate what you experience here into your everyday life. From recipes to practical techniques, you’ll leave with what you need to be your own center of joy.

Come home to your Center of Joy.

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“Joy is like the happiness that does not depend on what happens.”
—David Steindl-Rast—
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Rica is so

Costa Rica has enjoyed peace for more than 70 years, unlike its Central American neighbors.

The Nicoya Peninsula (where we are located) is designated a “blue zone” with longer lifespans than average.

Costa Rica is a world leader in ecotourism and care for its nature. It’s worth scheduling extra time to explore.

The country invests in healthcare, education and protection of the environment instead of a military, which it abolished in 1948.

11 Calle Danta, Las Catalinas, 4km Norte de Playa Potrero, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, 50504