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We are excited to offer our space for you to create your own exclusive programming or personalized retreat.  Contact us to start your journey.

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Renting The Spaces For A Retreat And/Or Hosting A Special Event 

Dreaming up the perfect event? 

Let us sprinkle some magic onto your plans! 

Our space is yours to transform, and our services are tailored to breathe life into your grand gathering. We'll handle the details so you can bask in the spotlight as an incredible host!


Group Classes Or Therapies

Get ready to dive into the rejuvenating world of holistic wellness! Our center isn't just a place for health - it's a vibrant community hub and your go-to spot for invigorating group classes, healing therapies, and delightful conversations over nutritious meals. From yoga to dance aerobics, from reiki therapy to crystal healing - we offer it all under one roof in an atmosphere that radiates positivity. Take a break at our charming cafe serving deliciously healthy meals brimming with nutrition and love. Come join us on this journey towards complete well-being - body, mind and soul!

For individual classes, please see our weekly calendar for our schedule and sign up.


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Need help? Please visit our FQAs page. If you need more detailed help, we welcome a conversation. 

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Please visit our Treatments and classes page for schedule and sign up. You can also connect with us for more help!

Whatsapp +506 8352 9449

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