Full Moon Ceremony

Monday, Noviembre 27th, 6:30pm – 8:00pm

The full moon is considered the energetic peak of the month. Marking a time of endings invites us to release, clean & renew.

Through this Full Moon Sound Ceremony, you’ll be able to tap into its power working on a physical, emotional, and mental state, cleaning and rebalancing yourself, and feeling a deep sense of peace & love in your all self-being. 

We start moving the body through music based on the 4 elements of nature. As we move, we dive deeply into each element, releasing, reconnecting, and rebalancing.

After the delightful movement, it’s time to receive… As you comfortably lie down on a mattress and connect with a deep and soft breath, allow yourself with an open heart to receive the powerful vibrations of the Sound Journey.

We finish the session by sharing experiences with a delicious tea prepared with love.

To confirm your attendance, please contact: frontdesk@centerofjoy.com or Whatsapp at +506 8352 9449